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BBC News provides a good news service, however, The Register are more into IT news articles. The Warwick Boar Online used to be a good source of Warwick campus information. is useful for those, like me, who run Linux, for downloading the most recent kernel, amongst other things. provides the source, and some mailing lists to support, the XFree 86 X server for Linux, and other unixish systems. Kernel Traffic keeps track of what's going on for the Linux kernel, Wine, and some other OpenSource programs. Linux-kernel archives are available here.

You might want to visit Simon Heywood's page, as it has recently been re-developed, now including a link to the CanoScan FB630U for Linux SANE project, the official Alt.Alumni.Warwick website, and also containing a freely downloadable version of SH-Paint for Psion 3A palmtops. Simon has given up development of the SH-Paint because no-one bothered to register. Also, the loss of the version 2/alpha source-code may have been a factor. Simon also now uses a PalmOS based palmtop now, so it's virtually certain that development will not proceed. You might try asking for the source; if the diskette it still readable...

If you're interested in Dukes of Hazzard, and amataur short stories, you can visit James McCarty's page. James has recently started a web-design business McCarty web design.

From a.a.w, we have Rob, Danny, oh, and Rob's SNAFU, with other links...

Fed-up with sluggish performence under Win98? It may well help to rip IE4 integration out of the shell. Try If www pages still take ages to display, try dropping images, or better, a seriously fast text browser, Lynx.

Someone e-mailed me this story, which may help people with kids to appreciate the importance of keeping a close watch on them at all times. Or it may not.

I have other WWW pages. At home, with an old mouse hint.

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