Welcome to my little page.

If, for some reason, the link-bar to the left (with stylesheet) or top (without) doesn't work, my project page is available via this link and my links page via this one.

If you've got Solaris 8 and need to set the output gain (= master volume to everyone else) from a script, vol.c, might be useful. If you've got X Multi Media System, xmms_title.c quizzes XMMS and gets the title of the currently playing track, and prints it. Code written by me shall be used and distributed subject to the GNU General Public Licence, see for more information. The GPL can be found at, and I have a copy (text only) here.

Coping with a Sun Keyboard? Compose-key lists found here, a little easier than finding them on Sun's www site.

I have a SCART pinout here, for some not-very-good reason, and have recently built a cable for our UPS. I've also written a simple shell script that works as a diald connect script, but will try alternative numbers if one fails.

If you've found this site, perhaps from friends reunited (who have a nasty habit of doctoring personal notes) or via Google, and want to see if I'm the Iain Thomas you may be thinking of, I have assembled a tiny bit about myself.

Although I suppose it's old news now, Niall has specifically requested I link to this image that shows what happens when, for reasons not totally agreed upon, a Fiat Punto hits the back of a Landrover Discovery.

If you want to e-mail me, please visit my contact page.

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