Welcome to my contact page.

First, I'd like to apologise to anyone expecting a nice, usable, clickable, standard mailto: link. However, it seems several apparently illiterate spammers have been harvesting my e-mail address, and using it to spam me. Despite my quite clear wishes.

Therefore, before trying to e-mail me, you must realise that my incoming e-mail is filtered by bogofilter, so if it reads like spam, bogofilter may pick it up, and I won't see it for weeks. PGP encrypt your mail, with key ID E48708A9 or 4659E48E if you like- bogofilter won't mess with it then.

Second, I'd like to reiterate that I do NOT wish to receive any form of spam whatsoever. I have no need for performance enhancing drugs, nor make-money-fast schemes, nor do I wish to become involved in dubious cash stash movements. And as a Linux user, I can use the GPLed dvd::rip package to copy DVDs, I don't need a 40 quid windows program, and I have neither sky nor cable, so have no use for cable/sky descramblers either.

And lastly, my e-mail address, hopefully encoded in such a way as to defeat any attempt at automated harvesting by spammers. iain.web at bigserver.tsando then .com . If you got this far, and still want to e-mail me, thank-you for jumping through all these hoops that unfortunately seem necessary now.

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