Welcome to my about-me page.

Words about myself

Uhm, in brief, I would describe myself as a geek. And I expect anyone who knows me would use similar words. Brought up in Putnoe, Bedford, I spent many hours infront of various CRTs. If, for any reason, you're interested in seeing my qualifications, I've put them on my certificates page.


Some dates and schools:

Place Year of leaving Anything particularly memorable
Castle Lower School 1989 Progressed very quickly through early maths books, and then progress slowed dramatically for some reason I forget (possibly a disagreement with someone, I don't remember).
Goldington Middle School 1993 Briefly involved with the Goldington Blend. Most memorably, banned from the computer room because Mr Paskowski (sp?) got upset with me. This might've been related to an incident where he was away, and a temp. teacher basically ordered me to bring up the reading database for some people to enter some data into. At that time, I didn't know enough about Quest (database for the Acorn platform that the reading database was built in), and while loading Quest, and the database went OK, one "outfile" later, the database didn't exist anymore. Well, I did say I didn't know enough about Quest...
Sharnbrook Upper School and Community College 1998 Lots of putting chairs out for assemblies. And winning both a Team Award, and a Curriculum award in Electronics/Computing. Most amazing event would be getting an A for building a Digital MultiMeter that didn't work in electronics, and also an A for, what was compared to the other projects in Computing, a terribly short piece of work.
University of Warwick 2001 Played in the unofficial quake sessions. Twice. And didn't get on with the computer-support people much. (common theme?).
That's about as much as I can think of putting up... You can probably figure more out about me by looking at my links page, and seeing the sort of places I link to. Or contact me and ask.

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