The Postgraduate Committee would like a One2One with you

An article for the Word by Danny Chrastina and Jim Hague

The winner of the 1996 BBC British Design Award, Trevor Baylis, recently expressed the desire to have a "one 2 one"(TM) with the inventor (sic.) of the jet engine, Sir Frank Whittle. Trevor Baylis invented the clockwork radio, bringing mass communication to the remotest parts of the world. W963 doesn't even make it all the way to Claycroft.

This highlights a general problem with communication to the postgrad community, and to address this problem the postgrad committee had a "one 2 one"(TM) (few 2 several actually, in fact, while we're at it, let's burn and bury use of “2” when one means “to” shall we?) with a selection of kitchen utensils (“reps,” shurely?) from Claycroft. Over buffet sandwiches, bottled water and copious beer (or rather, copious amounts of it) we asked them carefully worded questions in the well-lit but still strangely darkened eyrie that is Zippy's.

It was news to many people that the postgrad committee existed, which is kind of why Alex Clapper had to go personally to find people in their flats to tell them about the meeting. If you weren't in, we're sorry. And if you live off-campus, then do you think it would be a good idea to have off-campus house-reps.?

The postgrad committee has been busy trying to set objectives for next year, and has been focusing on the social side of things because we feel this is the best way to make sure postgrads get involved. This is an ongoing objective, and if it means we end up having to have a good time then that's a sacrifice we're willing to make in the interests of a better sense of community. Would you, for example, be interested in live lounge jazz, a postgrad ball or various medium sized events once or twice a term? We want events which will be aimed at postgrads but will not necessarily be exclusive to them. (In the meantime, the Sport Fed. are keen to organise some minor sporting tournaments over the summer and we're keen to organise some days out. We hope you can understand why.)

Once they're drawn in, we can organise the more serious side of things: improving resources (to which end a questionnaire will be coming round to SSLC reps. next week), a decent induction and information pack for new postgrads, more communication with the National Postgrad Committee, and a paid assitant to keep the postgrad committee running smoothly.

So as the clockspring winding on our computer slowly runs down, and the sun sets over the African Savanna, we hope to be back in time for Frank's on Friday.