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Sinfest, by Tatsuya Ishida Bob the Angry Flower Monty, who used to have a Robotman friend but doesn't seem to anymore. Peanuts. By Schultz.


Hey, how ya doin'?

Russell's Teapot

Wellington Grey

It's difficult to find a sensible link image for Garfield.

Dilbert has gone flash-based stupid so I now link to its feed.

Not Comics

BBC News.

Biting the hand that feeds IT, it's the Register.

Private Eye.

Private Eye is essential reading for learning about most of the worrying and/or amusing and/or true things which are going on in the world.

And then there's The Onion, which is kind of like an American Sniff Petrol with less about cars in it. Need To Know (or NTKnow or whatever it's called) isn't updated anymore, and neither is The Weekly. But try NewsBiscuit instead. I've been informed that none of these are funny compared to BBSpot. For stuff which is a bit more disturbing, try zeppotron.

The Onion, America's Finest News Source, by Ben Goldacre.

Norman Spittal is something I can't tell you about. Just go and look.

Superbad: an odd site just to confuse you.

There's quite a handy sensitive map of the UK with universities on it, at the University of Wolverhampton. But for online maps to everywhere there's Multimap and Map24.

Some people I know have web pages too, and there are some science-type links on my research page.

I'm doing my best to write good HTML at this site. Honest. That means there's nothing useful on this site, and it's not my fault. It's all validated.

TV Cream

For your Chris Morris needs

Have you recently been contacted out of the blue by someone who wants your help with obtaining a large quantity of money? It's a 419 scam.

What the hell is this?

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